Week 5

Today was the final day of the Trends in eLearning and each of us showed our pre-recorded presentation with a question and answer session.  It was interesting to hear other people’s interpretations of the different trends and even the technology they used to demonstrate this. Camtasia was popular and four of us used Video Scribe.

As there were so many students it was overwhelming to try and retain all the information but it was nonetheless productive and the availability of these resources on webcourses for further viewing is also beneficial.

My presentation was about Flipped Classrooms and I used Video Scribe.  After completing the Instructional Design module I realised the importance of the design phase so I ensured that the technology did not take precedence over the content.  Therefore, I wrote my script, completed the audio and then used Video Scribe.  This enabled me to have clear direction and in the long term saved time.  I used stock photos for the video and another tip I learned in Instructional Design was to keep the style consistent so I used the same style photos throughout.  I used little text, only to highlight keywords and only used black and red (sparingly).  The students liked the format and I was very appreciative of their positive feedback.

Now that this is complete I can now concentrate on my annotated bibliography.

Here is a link to my video.  The only changes I need to implement for final submission is to add a reference section at the end.



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