Instructional Design and eAuthoring Tools was the module I was most looking forward to and the module I had the least experience with.  Therefore, I was both excited and nervous.  On reflection, I have learned so much during the course of this module, particularly, from the practical project we had to complete.  I had the opportunity to immerse myself in new technologies, for example, Articulate Storyline 2, Video Scribe and .  A lesson I learned is not to get too taken with the technology and to use a pedagogy to technology approach.  Using an instructional model such as the ADDIE is paramount along with managing the project and team (we used Trello) and it is fundamental to ensure that it is grounded in theory.  We used Gamson & Chickering but in future projects I would like to use the Gilly Salmon Five Stage Model.

Furthermore, interactivity and collaboration from a teacher to learner and peer to peer perspective is vital.  Here is a link to her website outlining this model in detail.

One other model which has stood out in my mind is Six Thinking Hats Model.  I have studied Do Bono’s Thinking Hats before but more in terms of meetings and groups.

Six Thinking Hats

However, implementing it as an instructional design model is very interesting and something I feel that will need further probing.

Six Thinking Hats 2

Overall, an excellent module.  The group project was invaluable along with the practical element.  However, I will need to ensure that I assign more time to read over the extensive notes that we have been given to ensure that in going forward that I have all the necessary tools to design and develop a great project/tool.

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