May Reflection

Time is ticking by and deadlines are drawing closer.  This month I completed my final Work in Progress Presentation which went quite well. Below are links to my presentations.

Now that I am coming closer to the end of the course I regret not having enough time to immerse myself fully in the literature.  What I have learnt throughout the whole process is that I am very passionate about educational theory and something I want to keep abreast of in the future along with trends in educational technology. To get me started I have joined the Community of Practice for Heutagogy.

I carried out my final Work In Progress Presentation on 16th May 2017 . In preparation for my presentation I wanted to have a good grasp on the findings of my research. Therefore, it motivated me to get as much done as possible. It still however needs some more work but I felt it important to show to my peers and supervisor that my research was worthwhile. It implied that there are differences between the findings in Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 1 commenced with a blank canvas whereas Phase 2 commenced with an evaluation of the artefact. Interpreting the data has presented new questions, for example, does the level of participation have an impact on their self-directedness.  The self-directedness improved for Phase 1 but two showed a decline in Phase 2. Furthermore, future work on social constructivism is implied where Phase 2 found that having discussions and interacting online is “not the same”. They also proffered the social element of the classroom. While these were touched on in Phase 1 they were not as prominent.  On reflection, if I had not carried out the action research then my findings would have been just positive whereas now it has identifies area that need further investigation.

My feedback from my supervisor was positive and she also highlighted social constructivism.

The following is a link to the video of my presentation and supporting material.

WIP 2 Presentation Video

YLeahy WIP Presentation 2

It is also important to ensure that I have ticked all the boxes in terms of the checklists for each of three items I have to submit.

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