Week 7

Unfortunately I was unable to attend class this week but as we were to present our reviews in class today I have recorded my presentation review here.  I have chosen Scorative which is No. 32 on the list of Jane Hart’s Top 100 eLearning Tools for 2015.  Socrative is a student response system where real-time quizzes, polls and exit tickets can be created. I like the fact that it is free, compatible with all devices and is visually appealing.  Most importantly, students loved it too!



Again, another busy week.  I’ve had lots of problems with the storyboards.  They are complete but the problem is getting them into PowerPoint in a legible format.  As I created them in word and did alot of hand-drawings I took photos of them on my phone to put into the storyboard submission.  However, the quality of the photos on my phone isn’t great.  See example below.

Introduction Storyboard

Therefore,  I took photos of them using my digital camera and took raw images.  I will then use Photoshop to enhance and make them more professional looking.  They need to be legible as this is a group project and everyone needs to be able to understand them.  I think they look better now


I have spent alot of time finalising the storyboard submission file.  Emma has kindly offered to to Module 4 Harvesting for me.  Everyone has pulled together to help each other out which has been great.  Rachel was very sick for our google hangout talk today and as a result she is behind in her work.  Unfortunately, the rest of us don’t have the expertise in Articulate Storyline to help her.  My trial also finished in Articulate today so Rachel is going to do the links for me which Emma will get in Moodle.

I have also been working on the presentation and we decided this morning that Lorraine and I would talk about Design, Rachel about Development and Emma would give a demonstration.  We will use Emma’s video scribe video as an overview.  Here is a link and it has the theme tune for Good Life playing in the background.  Emma did a great job in creating this.

Reflection Piece:

As part of our  submission we have been asked to write a 1,000 word meta-reflection with some questions to guide us.  I have done some work on this already but as I will be flying to Copenhagen next Thursday I need to get it complete before I go.  It was interesting to write it and I realised how the annotated bibliography acted as a good foundation for the project.  Overall, the experience has been very positive and I feel as a group we have all contributed and worked well.  We really moved to the performing stage quickly and we will miss our weekly chats.

To depict our group work Lorraine has created an excellent Infographic.  I think it’s a great way to showcase our effots.


This is how Trello is looking this week and the doing list is very short 🙂

Trello 13 Dec 2015

Damian had mentioned about a reward for students and this is very important.  Emma tried to look for a good one online so I just made up a Certificate of Completion in PowerPoint to add to Moodle.  As adults are intrinsically motivated this would finish the course off on a positive note.

Cert of Completion Pic

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