October Reflection

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Back to college on 20th September 2016 and it was great to catch up with everyone after the Summer break.  I was delighted to find out that my supervisor would be Dr Pauline Rooney who was our lecturer for the Trends in eLearning module.  Here is what I have done during the month of October.

  • Downloaded iSpring Suite which I reviewed over the Summer. It is my alternative to Articulate Storyline due to the smaller learning curve and cost factor as this is an independent research project
  • I have set up my schedule on Trello and have created a link on the Year 2 heading on the homepage
  • I have used Google Sheets in order to collaborate with my Supervisor on my Log Book.  I have also password protected the page on WordPress
  • Submitted my ethics forms for the Ethics Research Committee meeting on October 27th
  • Had my first meeting with my supervisor

Finalising My Research Question

During my first meeting with Pauline we discussed my research question.  On my proposal it indicated that there may be a transition period from passive to self-directed learner and if this is relevant to my research question.  Furthermore, for the data collection the clearer I am on the research questions the easier it will be for me to design and collect the data.   So here is my redefined research question and Pauline suggested that I look at the transition through a conceptual lens

How does adult learner participation in redesigning a module from f2f to online impact their perceptions of online learning?  In particular, does it alter their views of online learning and their self-directedness?

Data Collection

Now that the research question has been finalised it is important to decide on how I am going to collect data to answer this question.  On reflection, I have decided to have a pre and post questionnaire.  This will help me to measure if their perceptions on/and online learning and self-directedness have altered.  Here are my questionnaire drafts:


Pre Questionnaire

Post Questionnaire

Post Questionnaire

I am waiting for a confirmation date from the tutor of the Training & Development class I am hoping will participate in my research.  In the meantime, it means that I will spend October reading and preparing for my report which is due on 15th November.

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