Overall, this was a very informative and valuable module which will be a solid foundation for our research project in Year 2.  Having the proposal submitted is a great relief and the break for the Summer will be a great way of recharging the batteries and perhaps reflecting on what lies ahead.  However, sometimes intentions may be good but putting them into reality is another matter!

I just hope that what I have proposed is feasible particularly when it is  dependent on external bodies e.g. training centre, adult learner students, tutor of that particular course, completion of questionnaires etc.

A valuable resource I purchased during the proposal was Andragogical and Pedagogical Methods for Curriculum and Program Development by Victor C.X Wang and Valerie C. Bryan.  It contains many papers in the advances in educational technologies and instructional design which is very relevant.  Moreover, the fact that it relates to andragogical methods is beneficial as copious amounts of existing research relate to pedagogical methods.


I found the whole process of creating the proposal both a challenge but a journey where I have learned alot about the subject matter and about myself.  Whilst I am very passionate about technology this process has highlighted my strong interest in theoretical perspectives.

However, the actual research project itself will be the real challenge and hopefully everything will go to plan as action research methodology is very time consuming.

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