January Reflection


The month of January came and disappeared very quickly.  I focused on the development of the artefact and storyboarding.  Initially, I had chosen Course Sites by Blackboard but felt that it lacked visual appeal and may be problematic for novice users.  After researching several platforms I came across www.teachable.com which is clean and crisp in appearance.  It allows me to host and design my artefact whilst incorporating iSpring Suite in some sections.

One of the participants in Phase 1 of the research stated that content should be “varied and visual” and I have adopted this approach. You can import SCORM but I am going to link the content I have created in iSpring Suite to iSpring Cloud.  This will allow students to view the content on any device and without installing iSpring or PowerPoint.  It does entail a monthly subscription of €27 but it allows full integration of iSpring including more comprehensive integration e.g. ebook, simulation and better quizzes than using teachable alone.

teachable screenshot

As the development has been time consuming plus the juggling of family and work life, the reading and literature has taken a back seat.  Once the artefact is complete I feel that I will be able to press ahead.  However, I have enjoyed creating the artefact and feel that I have learned alot in the process. I believe it is something I can utilise in my own practice going forward.  For example, when implementing a flipped classroom approach I can professionally create my content in www.teachable.com or www.coursesites.com.


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