December Reflection


December was a busy month which consisted of the following milestones:

  • Work in Progress Presentation
  • Phase 1 of Research

Work In Progress Presentation

The Work in Progress Presentation was also another means to combine all elements of the research and trying to simplify and construct it so that it could be easily understood within the 10 minute limit was challenging.  However, I was happy with the overall outcome and the following is the presentation with a a link to the actual recording of the presentation:

Link to Presentation Recording

Phase 1 of Research

Phase 1 of the research was carried out on 19th and 20th December 2016 where 9 business students took part in the research. This has been outlined in detail in Phase 1 Research.  The plan is to develop the artefact over the coming weeks with a plan to commence Phase 2 at the end of January/early February 2017.

Current Status






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