November Reflection


Autumn colors in the park

The leaves are falling off the trees which signifies the passing of the weeks.  For the month of November I have carried out the following:

Finalised application as External Research Reader in UCC Libary

Finalised application as External Research Reader in UCC Library

Boole Library

Boole Library UCC

I finalised my application for Boole Library in UCC and will be spending many hours here over the coming months.  Roisin in DIT kindly organised my ALCID card and I completed a short online application on the UCC website. The “distraction free” environment I am hoping will enable me to get focused and broaden my readings on my research area.  I have already come across some books which have helped me with my report.

Boole Library 2



Submitted Research Report

I managed to submit my research report on time.  For my proposal I focused on andragogy, online learning, self-directedness and power.  In my report I again touched on these areas but also focused on curriculum design as this is very relevant to my project.  In reading Peter Jarvis’s book on Adult Education and Lifelong Learning I could see how andragogy resonates with romantic curriculum in that they are both learner centred (Jarvis, 2010). Macfarlane also echoes this where a humanistic approach enhances the learning and development of the adult learner (Macfarlane,  1978).

YLeahy Report



I have discovered Blackboards free learning management system available on  I am currently using this for the eLearning at the Library programme I am currently delivering at work. Visually it is the same as Blackboard Learn but there is a size quota of 500 Mb which I think is quite small.  However, I am hoping that it will be sufficient for my research project.  While Articulate have released Articulate 360 I will still remain with iSpring Suite for this project.  Here are some screen shots of what I have done so far


Overall Reflection

Trying to catch up on reading has been challenging, however, completing the report and annotated bibliography have in many ways forced me to do some reading.  I have submitted my report and preparing for my presentation in early December 2016.



Jarvis, P. (2010). Adult Education and Lifelong Learning Theory and practice. New York: Routledge.

Macfarlane, T. (1978). Curriculum innovation in adult literacy: the cost of insularity. Studies in Adult Education. 10(2), p.153-160.

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