Week 5

As I was absent on Week 5 due to flu I ensured that I made up for lost time.  I have sent the prototype for my introduction video to the girls.  Emma has gotten back to me and liked it agreeing with me where the Introduction should not be Module 1.  Waiting to hear back from Rachel and Lorraine.


As the content has been finalised I have now revised my objectives.  On close analysis I felt that they were too similar to outcomes whereas ‘the objective of a module or programme is a specific statement of teaching intention’ (Kennedy, 2010). In other words information about what the teaching of the module hopes to achieve.

Revised learning objectives

The aim should give an overview of what the purpose of the course is and here is the revised aim

Revised aim of course

I have also copied the learning outcomes that Lorraine has created in a new file with the purpose of mapping the assessment to the learning outcomes to adhere to Biggs Constructive Alignment.

Furthermore, I have revised the ADDIE model by implementing pilot test in the Implementation stage as I feel this is paramount to identity any issues.  This is something I will propose to the group even if it means getting one family member from each group to try out the course.


In order to complete the ADDIE model fully the last step of evaluation must be implemented.  I have suggested the implementation of the Kirkpatrick Evaluation model as illustrated below.

Kirkpatrick Model

Levels 2, 3 and 4 of the Kirkpatrick model can be difficult to measure in an elearning context.  As the course is short I felt that a pre and post test may not work so I tried to determine their view on learning (Level 2) before and after by using questions rating their skills prior to the course and after the course. This will measure if learning has taken place.

As gardening does not necessarily refer to transfer of knowledge to an organisation I asked if they have applied what they have learned to their personal/work life (Level 3).  Here are the questions divided into the different levels

Level 1:  Evaluation of Reaction

  • Overall, how would you rate your satisfaction with this course?
  • How consistent was the course content with the objectives?
  • What part of the e-learning course did you find most useful and interesting?
  • How would you rate the ease of navigation?

Level 2:  Evaluation of Learning

  • Rate how confident you felt about your knowledge on the subject prior to this course
  • List three important skills that you learned in this course
  • Rate how confident you feel about your knowledge on this subject after completing this course

Level 3: Evaluation of Transfer of Learning

  • Which parts of the course have you been able to apply to your personal/work life?

Level 4:  Evaluation of Results

  • Can you identify ways to improve this e-learning course?
  • Any other final comments

The link to the survey I have created on Survey Monkey is https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6J7SVJV


Here is my draft storyboard for the introduction.  As my drawing skills are disastrous I used a cut out of the character, logo and background. Everything else has been written by hand.  I based it on a storyboard I found on http://www.theelearningcoach.com.  I’ve divided into into four areas:  Sketches, Narration, Interaction and Notes.  I will show the girls on Tuesday to get their feedback.  I’ve also included the hex codes and font.

Storyboard 1


Google Hangout

We had our weekly chat on google hangout today and everyone is finalising their annotated bibliography.  I am hoping to finalise mine today. Emma and Lorraine have been looking at Moodle and Emma has been testing to see if my articulate file will work trouble free on Moodle. I have saved the file so it can output to SCORM. Rachel is working on the content in Articulate and I am going to create an evaluation for the course to complete the final stage of the ADDIE model.  I must finalise my storyboard and once my voice is back to normal make the amendments for the narrative on the introduction.  We also felt it would be beneficial to increase our google hangouts to every few  days as the submission dates are looming.  Here is how Trello is looking this week.

Trello 29 Nov 2015



Kennedy, D. (2006). Writing and using learning outcomes: a practical guide. University College Cork.


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