Week 6

The following is a reflection on Week 6 of the Instructional Design and eAuthoring module using Gibbs Reflective Cycle.  The group meeting and homework for this week is also discussed

In class today we discussed the Top 10 eLearning Tools.  Below is alist of the top movers in 2015 and interestingly Twitter, YouTube and Google Serach make the top three.  I would have expected You Tube to be the first and I would implement it in the classroom to enhance the learning for the visual learners but also to give variety.

Big Movers

Link to Jane Hart’s Top 100 eLearning Tools

The software Trello which I implemented in the group project is currently sitting at number 82. We have been asked to prepare a 1 minute talk on a technology on the list (above 20) so I have decided to talk about Socrative.  The reason I chose this is I recently used it in class and found it very beneficial.

Micro Models

Damian discussed micro models with us and the only ones I was familiar with were Gagné’s Nine Events of Instruction and De Bonos Thinking Hats.  I think using De Bono in designing a lesson is very creative and clever.  It will certainly be something I will consider in my next project. However, it is too late to implement in our current group one.

The other models look at were Reigeluth’s Elaboration Theory, Component Display Theory, ICARE Model, Active Learning.

Creative Commons

Claire discussed Creative Commons with us with some great resources on this topic.  I had always assumed that the use of YouTube was okay to use in class as the copyright is between the person who uploaded it and You Tube.  It has certainly made me aware of the pitfalls and how important it is in our discipline.

Group Meeting

We had a chat this morning before class about our progress. I showed the girls my storyboard and they really liked it.  It was decided to keep the uniformity that I would create the storyboards for Rachel’s aswell.  I will work on her first prototypes.  This is something I have never done before so I am glad to immerse myself in a new learning experience.  I just hope that I will be able to produce work that will be up to standard as my artistic skills are very questionable.  Lorraine and Emma and working away on Moodle and Rachel on the resource. I will also create the end part of the course with a link to the resources to tie in with what Damian has said about having some form of a reward for the students at the end.


This week has been exceptionally busy.  I spent the whole weekend finalising the Introduction and Conclusion for the eLearning resource.  I re-recorded the audio, finalised the background photos and tidied up the storyboard.  See below.

Introduction Storyboard

Conclusion Storyboard

I’ve learned more in the use of Articulate Storyline and particularly in the timing and flow.  If the objects in the slide are out by even a fraction in the timeline it can create gaps.  For example, when moving from one layer to the next despite having a trigger set there was a slight delay and didn’t flow.  See below.

Timeline gaps



Hart, J. (2015). Top 100 Tools for Learning 2015. Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. Retrieved 1 December 2015, from http://c4lpt.co.uk/directory/top-100-tools/





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