Week 1

The following is a reflection on Week 1 of the Trends in eLearning module using Gibbs Reflective Cycle.


Today we were introduced to the module Trends in eLearning.  Trends is defined as a change in direction which is not to be confused with predictions.  A flipped classroom approach was used where we were asked to read the ‘Horizon Report – 2015 NMC Technology Outlook Higher Education‘ prior to class to instigate some constructive discussions.  We also discussed instruments such as Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies (2015) which shows the stages technology undertakes from triggers to productivity.  From an industry perspective it may also identify technologies companies might invest in. 


Image taken from DIT PowerPoint Presentation


I am excited about this module and the prospect of identifying trends that could enhance learning in my own practice.  It is also valuable as educators to investigate the direction and outlook of technology adoption so that we are aware of possible changes and developments in our profession.  Furthermore, examining these trends critically is also fundamental.


The group is very diverse which will give way to productive discussions and the flipped classroom method is an excellent format for such a short timeframe. Some interesting discussions evolved in the classroom relating to the negative impact of technology, for example, losing the art of communication, addiction to technology etc. 


The main topic in class today was the ‘Horizon Report – 2015 NMC Technology Outlook Higher Education’.  This report indicates similarities between the trends reported in Ireland, Australia and the US.  In the short term Bring Your Own Device and Flipped Classrooms were identified while Adaptive Learning Technologies were viewed as long term.   The adoption of Learning Analytics is expected in the US and Australia in one year or less whereas in Ireland it is two to three years.  However, this appears to be as a result of the challenges indicated in ethics and privacy.  Nonetheless, I believe analytics may be instrumental in providing significant data to enhance eLearning and education while closing the current gap.  Furthermore, I was surprised that Collaborative Environments and Social Networks were presented as long term adoptions in Ireland as collaboration is deemed fundamental in eLearning (Jaques & Salmon, 2007).  Overall, the report provides very constructive findings and it will be interesting to see the 2016 report.


Trends indicate a direction whereas predictions are speculations. Trends in technology are constantly evolving but nonetheless as educators it is imperative to keep up to date so we can keep on top of our game and be aware of the best tools we can use. It is important to also consider the good with the bad.  The yearly Horizon report specifies short term to long term trends but it also indicates that Ireland is somewhat behind in certain areas e.g. Learning Analytics, Wearable Technology, Collaborative Environments etc.

Action Plan

I have chosen the trend Flipped Classrooms for my presentation.  Therefore, I will start my annotated bibliography by researching this trend to see if I can identify elements that may be beneficial for my presentation.  I will also be checking out Diigo as recommended by Claire.  Looking forward to class next week.


Jaques, D., & Salmon, G. (2007). Learning in groups: A handbook for face-to-face and online environmentsRoutledge.


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